New Year’s Resolutions

A guest blog, if you will, actually done by John (he’s the writer after all) but due to computer maladies posted by Juanita.

Once again it’s time to reconcile the resolution accounts. Did I achieve the goals I set for 2015? What determinations will I make for 2016? Leftovers from this year carryover to the next. There are still nearly two weeks left in 2015 so there’s still time for some. Others, like the weight loss goal are impossible now even were I to suffer a catastrophic illness today. An acute illness or surgery is an excellent crash diet―albeit more unpleasant than any of the diets featured in books, on the web or TV. Appendicitis decades ago resulted in a 10 pound loss over just a couple weeks. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as a tactic. So it’s try harder next year to get into the regimen―exercise and more exercise. With no ailments, aches or pains plaguing me at the moment, it should be doable.


As for the writing goals, I have great hope for getting a good start in 2016 toward publishing eight more books by 2030. I was in a writing groove the last few weeks working on a short story collection and a novel to complete in the coming year. Then my computer crashed on Wednesday. The repair guy says 8-10 days for a diagnosis! Well, it is the holiday season and there are 14 computers ahead of me. I’m doing this on my wife’s computer. Unfortunately, while my writing documents are backed up on an external hard drive, they’re not backed up to the cloud. OK, there’s another goal for 2016. In the meantime, I’ll just recall the story of the little engine that could. “I think I can, I think I can.”

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