Lightning Strikes Again

Traveling in time via excerpts from Waiting for Westmoreland—Vietnam, 1968/Washington, DC, 1979-1982. Any other night, I might be outside catching the breeze, smoking a joint. Or taking a nap on the balcony that ran round the ATC. Not this night. Sixty feet off the ground, the air traffic control tower at Long Thanh North shook. […]

Ka, a resident Cirque du Soleil Show in Las Vegas

We love Cirque du Soleil; we have been to many of the touring shows. Finally went to Vegas for one that stays put. That feature enables props and features that touring can’t do. We went there in October for our anniversary. No gambling, just Cirque and a scenic drive though one of the many red […]

Waters of Life Flow Within, explained

We posted this mashup on July 2nd to minimal response. Perhaps a rewrite might help.  What’s a mashup you may ask? For one thing, it’s a bit of this and that; often with excerpts from Waiting for Westmoreland. That memoir covers my life from youth through Vietnam and beyond into relationships and marriage; plus the […]

Review, Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis

The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis My rating: 3 of 5 stars An unusual time-travel cum historical fiction book populated with annoying characters among both the long ago ones and the latter day folks. A multi award-winning book that slowly comes to a climax in the last quarter of the text. I must offer kudos […]

a Rabbi and an Imam Visit New York Campuses

An amazing segment from Stephanie Ruhle’s show last night. Two prominent faith leaders have been friends for twenty years. Islam and Judaism are both Abrahamic religions, they point out. With their perspectives on interfaith understanding, they went to colleges in New York to work toward understanding among students. Many of the campuses are rife with […]

Review of The Chill, by Scott Carson

The Chill by Scott Carson My rating: 4 of 5 stars As the blurb in Goodreads says, “a drowned village lays beneath the dark, still waters of the Chilewaukee reservoir. Early in the 20th century, the town was destroyed for the greater good: bringing water to the millions living downstate.” The greater good being New […]

The Missing Piece, Review of a John Lescroart book

The Missing Piece by John Lescroart My rating: 4 of 5 stars Got in late to Lescroart with #19 in the Dismas Hardy series. Simon & Schuster has eBook sales that got me a discount. May have to go back and check some earlier in the group. Lots of twists and turns in this story […]

An Honorable Man–a Book Review

An Honorable Man by Paul Vidich My rating: 4 of 5 stars A period piece, from 1948 into 1953. It’s when Communism fever was hot and spies were a big deal in the Cold War. Joseph McCarthy was badgering a variety of government employees, among other targets. The book had a minor figure in the […]

The Generous Jay

A repost from 2021, slightly edited.  We followed the truck for miles, from Hatch along NM-26 to NM-27. Every hundred yards or so we’d see a red chile on the road. Hatch, New Mexico is the chile capital of the world. Some loose pods in the back were blowing from the uncovered load, or so […]

Shakti and Weather Report at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall

This is one of the top five concerts I ever attended. It came on April 23, 1976, just a few days past my birthday. Shakti with John McLaughlin, opened for Weather Report on the latter’s Black Market album tour. For those who have not been there, the Kennedy Center’s sound quality is exquisite anywhere in […]