An Honorable Man–a Book Review

An Honorable Man by Paul Vidich My rating: 4 of 5 stars A period piece, from 1948 into 1953. It’s when Communism fever was hot and spies were a big deal in the Cold War. Joseph McCarthy was badgering a variety of government employees, among other targets. The book had a minor figure in the […]

Entering a Trance

This snippet stems from long ago. A recollection as a process for trance self-induction. College, so many years ago. Now, it looks useable as a starting paragraph of a story–short or part of a longer piece.  Steps receding down, far into the distance. In the dimming light he saw no end to the path. He […]

The Hidden Spoon

Another one of those phrases that originated from my real home life generated this snippet. Looks like something that could be a short story in the third collection (a few years out; mysteries) after editing and development.  Alice had hidden the spoon as she always did. Her special spoon. Only she could use it. For […]

The Leap–a Short Piece

The memory and the imagination–tools in a writer’s bin. A story of devolution that began with a travel piece on Views from Eagle Peak. Modified a bit–with more fiction and less fact. Some remains. Writing from life some call it.  I looked down at the dull gray boulders, thirty-feet below the clear water of Lake […]

A Detective Gaston Mystery

A Murder Mystery Snippet Maybe this will become a short story, maybe a novel—even a book in a series. For now, this is all there is–it all started with a writing prompt, from which I took only the two character names.  “She had a thyroid problem. Do you suppose that killed her, detective?” “Not unless […]

Lost Dreams

Once again he awakened with the juicy part of a dream playing in his mind’s monitor. Alas, as often happens, the finale escaped observation. Perhaps I need a dreamcatcher. It’s as bad as recording a movie on the DVR only to find out after watching it for two hours that the last several minutes were cut off, leaving […]

An American in Paris

Who knows what may come of a tourist encounter? The Gila Writers Group is typically small, between 4-8 people, but it serves me well in story starters. This is another inspired by a recent meeting. “Quelle heure est-il,” he asked the vendor selling crepes. “3:20,” the man replied, tugging a watch from his apron pocket. The vendor […]

A Cloud Descends

John is still awaiting his computer’s return. Here is his newest short item, inspired by the upcoming weather where we live, among other things. Who knows where it will go from here. On a chilly winter’s morn, the cloud descended around them. Anne let the leash out long, giving Max freedom to sniff and explore. Footsteps […]

The Blue Flame at the Outer Banks

At Avon, Buxton and Rodanthe the houses sit on stilts. It’s that way all along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Especially so on Hatteras Island, accessible by the tall bridge spanning Oregon Inlet or by the N.C. State Highway Department ferries to Ocracoke Island. The latter is only a 45 minute trip. It’s two […]

The Furry Visitor

His furry friend—well not really a friend, came with the room. He came out only after dark, as Jim lay sleeping—drifting hopefully toward an unremarkable but good night’s sleep. Rest, I must have rest, Jim moaned. But if the nocturnal demand from an impatient bladder came as it often did, the ball of fur made […]