Entering a Trance

This snippet stems from long ago. A recollection as a process for trance self-induction. College, so many years ago. Now, it looks useable as a starting paragraph of a story–short or part of a longer piece. 

Steps receding down, far into the distance. In the dimming light he saw no end to the path. He knew where it led, despite the failure of vision. Into the place where conscious and subconscious were separated by only a thin veil. There he found quiet away from the sounds, smells and distracting sensations that crowded his mind, keeping him unaware.  Here it took no word association to retrieve the memories he needed. He could direct the search.

4 thoughts on “Entering a Trance

  1. I wonder if you remember writing this and where your mind was in those days. It’s interesting to look back and see how our perspective changed or stayed the same. That “thin veil between conscious and subconscious” is a powerful thought.

    1. It’s multipart. The steps as a methodology of self-hypnosis or trance induction. “T” or encounter groups discussed them, as did a native-American intro Psychology class. Nevee worked as well as third sentence on–written within the last few weeks as a recollection of how it was supposed to. And a good story bit for future reuse.

  2. evocative! and somewhat eternal … personally, I use the word unconscious, not subconscious. Two different meanings.

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