On the Road to Xuan Loc

Now and again, one should be offering excerpts from their published works. Waiting for Westmoreland is a memoir that describes how Vietnam became an essential path to my enlightenment–and true happiness. The excerpt below doesn’t really speak to that theme, but it provides a historical perspective on the time and place. It also illustrates the corruption […]

A Decade of Drugs That Did No Lasting Harm

A strange post for Christmas Day, I suppose. But then you’re not reading it on Christmas, are you? I try to post every five days so that’s why it’s here now. It’s not really a paean to doing drugs, just a reminiscence of what happened and what didn’t. Some never stopped. Some got into stuff that […]

Tropical Chocolate–a Treat Best Avoided

The chocolate sometimes had an ashy pallor and other times an oily sheen of pastel pink and green reminiscent of gasoline on a wet road or that on wet packed ham. The effect came, I suppose, from the chemicals applied and the peculiar processing of the ingredients keeping chocolate hard at the tropical temperatures of […]

Fortune Cookie Wisdom: When You Do Foolish Things, Do Them With Enthusiasm

Breaking the somewhat clamshell shape of the cookie, my brown-sauce-slick fingers pulled out the literary treasure. Along with a few digits, allegedly winning numbers for some unnamed lottery, came these words of wisdom: When you do foolish things, do them with enthusiasm.  Hah, I wondered—enthusiastically foolish or foolishly enthusiastic? I certainly have done my share […]