A Decade of Drugs That Did No Lasting Harm

A strange post for Christmas Day, I suppose. But then you’re not reading it on Christmas, are you? I try to post every five days so that’s why it’s here now.

It’s not really a paean to doing drugs, just a reminiscence of what happened and what didn’t. Some never stopped. Some got into stuff that harmed them physically, psychologically or financially. Most from the sixties and seventies turned out fine. Now they are doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers or professors and even politicians. Not to mention successful parents. So maybe it is time to end the “War on Drugs.”

Can’t say I ever had an attraction, during my augmented reality days, to downers. I knew people who were, but our recreational drug paths seldom crossed. There were those who offered me acid but even then I felt too concerned with maintaining the integrity of my most prized possession—my brain.  Whatever thrill or adventure the psychedelics might pose, the risk seemed too high (punny) to me. Fortunately for me, I found marijuana and the occasional bit of hash adequate enhancers of enjoyable experiences. I will confess to inhaling—for those old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s silly comment. Even more fortunate, on those occasions I tried cocaine I found it somewhat pleasing but way over priced for the effects in comparison to weed. It did however, make for an enjoyable body high when sprinkled atop the grass I smoked. But I quickly stopped buying it and not too much later stopped the dope I had been smoking off and on for 13 years. I started in Vietnam and ended in 1980, just in case any lingering effects on chromosomes, sperm, etc., would affect children to come a couple of years later.  I don’t regret those high times. They didn’t keep me from graduating summa cum laude from college or finishing law school in the top third. I might have done better in the latter without but it was a battle of stress relief versus disciplined and effective study. To paraphrase Vonnegut, so it went.

Perhaps I will make a trip to Colorado, one of these days.

One thought on “A Decade of Drugs That Did No Lasting Harm

  1. All too familiar story to those of a certain age! Many started in the service, for good reason. Many of us never progressed past alcohol, pot & hash. My friends NEVER offered me LSD … I was paranoid enough without it! I think I’ve finally overcome that (unless a cop is following me). Happy Holidays! (Colorado’s not far from Nevada!)

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