Want to be a Writer–Get a Day Job that Suits You

I think I could have been very successful writing ad copy. During career exploration during my 9th grade Civics class, I thought that this might be the day job to sustain my goal of being a writer of books. I began having second thoughts about that notion during my senior year. My favorite teacher, Jeanette Ritzenthaler was the hippest of the teachers I had. She imparted such real life wisdom as the notion that men are the true romantics (idealists) while women are the realists—what with their  typical responsibilities of child rearing and running a household (now a somewhat dated stereotype perhaps). What prompted the second thoughts was the discussion of persuasive techniques in the written word, especially ad copy—this being an English class. My rejection of this occupation was completed after my stint as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. I developed a conscience from that experience that put me on the path to working in consumer protection.

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