The Quiet Deer

We are blessed with lots of wildlife at our home high atop a hill in southwestern New Mexico. Yesterday a quail with two young ones walked in front of the house; today, four adults walked along the short stone wall 15-feet from the house. Hummingbirds are in abundance, as a recent post briefly noted. Today, a description of the deer from last week.

The two brothers and a younger buck floated across the dirt and gravel road, gliding silently 30 feet in front of my dog Max and I. They might have been an illusion for their soundless motion, stepping so softly I heard no footfall. Only two shallow hoof-prints marked the road in the ground, wet from the light rain covering my coat. They must have been real–Max looked at them too, although he made no attempt to give chase or even bark. Still, so odd that that the paws of a 45-pound dog left a deeper track than those deer three or four times his weight. Nothing like the elk, whose hooves clop heavily on the limestone rocks throughout our property.

2 thoughts on “The Quiet Deer

    1. Yikes, hadn’t been here to clean up another faulty spam deal! No clue what’s up with that. Anyway, better late than ever–I will have to research that issue next week if it happens again!

      The deer ARE real. So is the herd of elk that have been roaming around for the past week or ten days. Maybe 20-30 of them, making their quirky squeaky sounds. Speaking of Max, he was chasing some yesterday–running like the wind, and snagged his collar somewhere; looked for it but it’s like a needle in a haystack. Bought another and replaced the tags. Very good thing he didn’t get to close the bull elk–which would be a minimum of 500 pounds and more likely 700. One kick or a hook from the antlers and it could be curtains for Max. They were right behind the electric cattle fence today–about 30-40 feet away, including the big bull. Thankfully I didn’t let Max go running on the way back from his walk!

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