A Happy Birthday Song Brings Tears #WATWB

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Just a little web surfing produced this gem for the monthly #WATWB. A kindergarten class signed the Happy Birthday song for a hard of hearing custodian at their elementary school.  It brought a smile and tears to the man.

Custodian James Anthony reacts to the group of kindergartners signing “Happy Birthday” to him. photo © CBS Interactive

For more on the story go here. For a related video, go here.

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6 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday Song Brings Tears #WATWB

  1. So inspiring to know the children learned to sign the birthday song for the custodian. His kindness toward the children was returned two-fold. Thanks for sharing this heartening story.

  2. This was an awesome surprise for James. The teacher and children gave him the present of love on his birthday and, really, what more can one ask for? Thank you for this story and for participating in the October #WATWB.

  3. Thanks for this little gem of kindness John. Great find! These kids are on the right path with their kindness. Let’s hope others take something from it. 🙂

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