#WATWB May 2020–Recognizing Those Who Wear Masks

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There are so many people and organizations worthy of recognition during the pandemic sweeping the world. Frontline medical professionals. Support staff at hospitals or health centers. EMTs, food pantries, grocery store workers, delivery people and so many more. Most of which are often mentioned, if not featured on news shows. So, let’s consider others—the ordinary folks that are doing their best to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Those are the people who are wearing masks in public. The ones who are maintaining physical distance from fellow human beings. That signifies that they care enough about the well being of others as they do about themselves. The masks are to protect others from themselves—not the other way around. Yes, it’s frustrating not being able to freely enjoy time in restaurants and bars, socializing with friends. It’s bothersome having to sit or stand apart.

Freedom is not being able to whatever one wants whenever and wherever it suits you. Freedom comes with responsibility and respect. Respect for the health and safety of others. That’s why there are laws against driving vehicles while drunk. That’s why smoking tobacco is prohibited in stores, restaurants, offices and other buildings. Secondhand smoke is hazardous.

Asymptomatic people can spread the virus to others. One cannot assume that he or she is free from COVID-19. That’s why one is not free to go about without wearing a mask, risking spreading the disease to others. Others who may die.

So, I want to thank those people who endure a tiny impediment to their own freedom by wearing a mask and maintaining a safe distance. Those are not politically correct actions–they are ethically essential behaviors.

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13 thoughts on “#WATWB May 2020–Recognizing Those Who Wear Masks

  1. So true John, it’s the ordinary man woman and child who wears masks to protect others. Without even knowing it, I or you or anyone could be carrying the virus yet be quite asymptomatic. Hence, as you say it is essentially ethical behaviour. Great #WATWB post, thanks!

  2. Indeed! We should acknowledge the regular people too. Small gestures like wearing mask in public – even if it done for selfish reasons – is so much more than so many people!

  3. I love “ethically essential,” John! As a mask wearing, socially distancing person, I truly appreciate your post and join you in thanking my fellow mask wearers who care about others. I wish everyone would feel the same.

  4. Lovely contribution John. You’ve explained very succinctly what wearing a mask means – in the real world. 🙂

  5. Absolutely! I really like how you are appreciating the ones who do wear masks. I’m guilty of ranting about the ones who don’t. Happy WATWB!

  6. It is said that COVID-19 pandemic is testing our values as a society. These small gestures like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and following safety and hygiene rules by people is indeed commendable. Thanks for this inspiring post, John!

  7. It is simple human decency to wear a mask in public places. I don’t understand why some think this is so disruptive to their lives. Your examples of smoking in a public place and driving while under the influence are great analogies. Another example is freedom of speech, which some folks mistakenly believe entitles them to say whatever they want without consequences.

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