WATWB for October 2021–Bojo, Istanbul’s favorite dog

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Ok, by now you must know that I am a dog lover. I’ve had two during my adult life. This story, from far away, struck a chord–how people can get along with unknown animals in their midst. See the full story on CNN.

Dog lounging on subway train
CNN photos/Getty images

It’s a story about a stray dog in Istanbul. A dog that gets on subway trains, trams and ferries. He knows where to go to get on. He has a tag in one ear that proves he is neutered and vaccinated. He enjoys the rides and has celebrity status. Municipal authorities have checked him out and Okayed his travels. The story from CNN has lots of pictures of him going here and there. You should check it out–even if you’re not a dog fan. Of course, you may already have seen it–the story has already appeared all over the world.

10 thoughts on “WATWB for October 2021–Bojo, Istanbul’s favorite dog

  1. Boji- what a lovely story John. That’s one very smart pooch. Glad that he brings joy to so many. I know that dogs chase cats but Boji seems to have a very particular dislike of them!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic story. Boji is independent and doesn’t want to be owned, but travel the world. I bet he could write a book about things he’s seen! Lol 🙂

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