Third Review of Jumped by a Deadly Cholla

I am gratified to share a new review on Amazon, 4.0 out of 5 stars, posted by published author Pete Springer. Here’s what Pete had to say: 

Speculative fiction is not a genre I typically read, but I decided to give this book of short stories a go. Undoubtedly, author John Maberry enjoys taking elements of the modern world and incorporating them into his science fiction tales. His playful sense of humor comes through in many ways.

There are eleven stories of varying lengths that make up this collection. One story, Dog is My Copilot, encompasses half of the book. Be prepared to follow some young people on their werewolves’ adventures. Like humans, we learn that some are good with ethical boundaries, and others can’t control themselves.

I’ll highlight the three short stories that I found the most appealing:
1. Fencing the Sky—A shady entrepreneur comes up with a moneymaking idea to start the aptly named company, BS Fencing, to fleece others out of their money by selling unrestricted fencing rights of the big sky over their ranches for the “bargain” price of $25 per month.
2. The Wishing Bell—A mysterious wishing bell is passed on from one bar patron to another with a three-wish limit and the warning that no wishes can be unrung. After the first wish goes horribly, Jim must find a way to make the following wishes work to his advantage.
3. Jumped by A Deadly Cholla—An amateur photographer, Lois, is looking for the perfect photograph. Unfortunately, she gets too close to the deadly cholla and is injected with their painful needles. What ensues is that the living spores begin to attack her body as she works with her doctor to try and save herself. Which side will win?

Those who want something out of the ordinary and enjoy science fiction likely will enjoy this eclectic collection.

Check out Pete’s blog, tagline: Passionate Teacher and Future Children’s Author

Buy the book on Amazon or check out this preview.

4 thoughts on “Third Review of Jumped by a Deadly Cholla

  1. Hi John. Nice to see my review, and glad to see that you’ve been so active on your blog lately. That’s a good indication you must be feeling pretty good. Continued writing success, my friend.

    1. It’s the determination that’s working–got to do this. I began scheduling posts weeks ago and keep adding more. I’m into September now. But what I really must do is more networking and reading. That’s coming SOON.

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