Review of Allies and Spies by D. Wallace Peach

Allies and Spies (Unraveling the Veil Book 2)Allies and Spies by D. Wallace Peach
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Well worth reading, but one must keep at it–else one must go back a few pages the next time one restarts. Looking forward to the next book.

The second book in the series focuses more intently on three main characters: Alue–nominally an elf; Talin–a changeling; and Naj–a half-breed goblin/elf. Friends and enemies; trusted and detested–depending on which chapter or episode they travel through. The disparate races are evolving some of the time–especially the three.

Now and then, we get a brief time with Kalann il Drakk–First of Chaos, who lives up to his name as evil behind the scene. Is Kalann the cause of quakes, deaths and disappearance among the three races? Or is it a faction among one or more? Revealing that is left for the final book in the trilogy.

It’s challenging to keep track of who’s doing what to whom. Sometimes they’re angry with one another or causing problems with each other. Other times they’re helpful–rescuing or saving each other’s lives.

This may seem a peculiar observation about the races with varying powers and intentions in this fantasy, but the story’s conflicts among the groups reminds me of the cultural and political divides among populations in the world. While humans don’t have the characteristics of the book’s races, they certainly blame others for the problems they experience and often attempt to dominate or oppress those different from themselves and their own races or political cliques.

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    1. Thanks, Deb! Trying to do a little better on them. I’m two reviews behind right now while a knee problem makes it difficult to type with a leg elevated. Should be fine shortly. Easy to keep reading another book.

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