Attending that 50th Reunion–a Guest Blog on The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Two years ago, I attended my 50th high school reunion. I did so only after much consideration and advice from others, Yes, some may think that a bit loony–especially if you’ve seen some of the movies and TV shows lampooning such events. I posted an item about the results back then. Now, Chris Graham has graciously allowed me to guest post a reprised and improved version of that event on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog.

Here’s a snippet:

What with social media, why would anyone go to a high school reunion? Especially a 50th one! Well, there’s the web and then there’s face to face, rather than Facebook. The latter is OK for casual updates; in person is real. In the end, I went.

Nearly everyone encouraged me to go. I remained ambivalent. I had positive memories of a hip and inspiring English teacher. I learned to write up lab reports creatively in an advanced physics class. The reports confirmed expected outcomes, despite the experiments failing to do so. That came in handy later in college and for doing budget submissions at work.

Then there were the negatives. I had few friends and didn’t get to know many people well. Teenagers can be cruel, as we all know. But it’s been 50 years. I have grown; the tormentors will have aged and undoubtedly mellowed, I thought.

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4 thoughts on “Attending that 50th Reunion–a Guest Blog on The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

  1. Fantastic post, nice to see you over at the Ape’s place. I remember when you were pondering about going to that reunion. I urged you to go, lol. Has it already been 2 years? My gawd. 🙂

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