Scenes from Other Lives

This looks promising, to me, for at least a short story. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

“I’m seeing strange things, people on a beach. They’re talking in languages I don’t understand,” Ned said.

“It’s been happening to me too—right now in fact,” Jeff turned and looked down the sidewalk to a beach that should be an intersection with another street.

“But they don’t seem to see us, do they?”

“No, it’s like a movie playing in my mind—like they’re not really here. Is that what you’re experiencing, Jeff?”

“Yes, exactly.”

§ § §

“There’s a problem in the alpha set,” the monitor said. “People and events are bleeding through from another set—maybe the delta or gamma set.”

“I’ll get right on it,” the technician said. “Is anyone getting alarmed by it?”

“Wondering or disturbed a little is how I’d describe it. We have to get this fixed ASAP. Thinking about tanning, volleyball or beachcombing is fine but we can’t have the alpha’s seeing episodes from people on a beach.”

“That’s what’s coming through‽”

“Yes, totally out-of-place for them. They’ll lose focus on their daily lives—on the trauma they’re facing. We can’t have that! The experiment must be controlled. We could lose funding from the galactic university that’s sponsoring us.”

8 thoughts on “Scenes from Other Lives

  1. I’m liking the theme here John. Ooh, those people on the beach! And. don’t think I didn’t catch that brilliant ‘interrobang’!!!! 🙂

        1. No recollection of the show, just wrote it down quickly before it was gone. At my age that’s critical. I store phrases, concepts, etc. in a digital folder on my computer. They’ll come in handy for something. 🙂

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