Two Great New Reviews of Waiting for Westmoreland

Waiting for Westmoreland book cover

Waiting for Westmoreland is a memoir I first published only in paper (no Kindle in 2007!). A special tenth anniversary edition is coming for the holidays. In the meantime, two reviews of the Kindle edition recently appeared on Amazon. Here are some excerpts:

From SkyWriter’s 5-star review comes this,

Here we have a book that is much more than memoir, and more life journey told (and written) exceedingly well and with great courage. If the writer’s mandate is to ‘open a vein’, Maberry has opened that vein and allowed whatever flowed to fill this work. . . . Change scenes to Vietnam in 1967-68, and Maberry begins again to sort out the fictions of America’s involvement in South Asia Vs the realities of war: No clear purpose for being there; chauvinistic treatment of Vietnamese people, especially the abuse of women; and a lifer sergeant who embodied everything wrong with the American military. Maberry returns from Vietnam disillusioned, cynical and without real purpose. Indeed, it’s a mistake to refer to Waiting for Westmoreland as simply a war memoir. It’s much more one man’s journey from chaos and the vicissitudes of life, to finding inner peace through Buddhism, something that surprised even the author, until he saw how the practice worked in his own life. . . . By way of disclosure, this reader too is a Vietnam Vet, . . . Five stars, and I don’t do that often. Byron Edgington, author of A Vietnam Anthem: What The War Gave Me.


From Brent Hightower, another writer, comes this 5-star review:

Waiting for Westmoreland is a novel that brings a turbulent era to life. It’s one man’s story, and at the same time a microcosm of the spiritual and intellectual struggles of a generation. So many of the problems in America today have their roots in the 1960s that this book should be interesting, not just to those who lived through those times, but to anyone interested in modern American history. A great read!


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  1. Thank you kindly, ma’am! The genesis of Byron’s review stems from the blogging/networking because he saw something somewhere (can’t remember how or where) that led him to buy the book. Proof of the value of the whole network of bloggers!

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