Muffins and Maple–Will it Lead to More?

We unanimously agreed at our local writers group that the prompts of the day were not only incomprehensible but insipid. Nonetheless, one about the start of a romance between the two poets, whose prompts we had read, stimulated this response. Perhaps I can use it in a story. One has to develop characters through appropriate means.  😉

BTW: for those who don’t know how, but need to include dialogue in WordPress (or like to post poetry), do this: click on the text editor rather than visual and add <div style=”text-indent: 23px;“> before your first line. Put a word in and return to the visual editor, After all dialogue is complete, you should go back to the text editor and close the dialogue style with </div>.  (If you don’t, WordPress will generally do it for you, but best to be consistent with styles.) You could manually indent each line, but that’s tedious.

He buttered the cornbread muffin with soft, nearly melted butter. Any firmer and nothing but crumbs would have remained–an unfortunate reality of cornbread. She accepted the offering with grace, knowing he meant well. She’d have preferred cranberry orange, but that, she concluded charitably and wisely, could be mentioned in a future encounter should the friendship bloom into something more.

She poured the strong coffee, thick with the sweet syrup of a local maple. An acquired taste from her days in Maine. She thought he might like it, despite his choice of a corn muffin. She turned away briefly at the call of a loon and looked back at the hint of a smile forming on his face as he put down the mug.

“Well, can’t say I’ve ever had coffee like that,” his grin growing.

“It’s better with a bit of buttered rum,” she said, “it cuts the sweetness some.”

6 thoughts on “Muffins and Maple–Will it Lead to More?

    1. Never had any, LOL. Spur of the moment invention in the writing group. But I Googled it later and indeed it is something people drink. The healthy way, of course, is the 100% maple rather than the flavored stuff with corn syrup, dextrose, etc. Not cheap and harder to find. But in Maine it should be easier to find–just like the lobsters.

      1. Real maple syrup is the bomb-diggety. We can usually find it around here, but it’s about 10x as expensive as the corn syrup kind. Worth it, though.

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