The Gastroenterologist Transportation Commissioner

Another short piece from a writing group prompt–obviously the phrase that’s in the punchline. Use prompts; they work. 😀

No one could have imagined the result of appointing the well-regarded specialist Transportation Commissioner. He had much party support, having donated thousands of dollars to local, state and federal candidates. An astute observer, however, might have given the choice some pause. The gastroenterologist and his wife had developed a small vacation resort in the nearby mountains. The property featured the “Colonic Cabins” and a snack shop featuring “Digestive Delights.” Given his prominence in the community and all the money he’d contributed, he had no difficulty getting the short street to his medical offices renamed “Alimentary Avenue.” Still, disturbed as the locals were by the name he selected for the traffic artery he had commissioned a year after his taking office, they couldn’t deny the benefits of reduced traffic congestion after the opening of Gastric Bypass. What could you expect from him?

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