#Chef Andres Feeds the Feds

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#Chef Jose Andres Expands His Program to Feed Furloughed Federal Workers

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It’s more than a pity, it’s a disgrace, that US government employees have been working without pay for over a month. Some aren’t working at all–and of course are unpaid. All due to the Trump Shutdown. The cost to the US economy is one billion dollars per week, as those businesses which rely on those employees also are facing financial hardships for no rational purpose. But it’s those federal workers who Chef Andres is striving to help. Here’s the story from a different source than usual for this site. Delish.

Celebrity Chef Jose Andres‘ mission to feed those in need continued earlier this week when he announced that his program, #ChefsForFeds, was expanding nationwide. The program, which operates in partnership with World Central Kitchen, has been feeding furloughed employees in Washington, DC since the government shutdown started last month. Now he wants more communities to get involved.

“We believe this is a national food emergency and we will be there for the American federal workers,” Chef Andres said in his Twitter video. He also mentions the possibility that food stamps, or SNAP benefits are about to run out if the shutdown goes on much longer, which Delish also reported on Friday.

A post on World Central Kitchen’s website is encouraging anyone who owns a “restaurant, food truck, non-profit, or business interested in serving meals in your community” to fill out their form to be considered to join the #ChefsForFeds program. The program will provide branding and resources for businesses that want to help feed hungry workers. Find out more at worldcentralkitchen.org. If you are a worker that has been impacted by the shutdown, follow #chefsforfeds on Twitter and Instagram to find out where to get a free meal.

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