#WATWB Solar Cooking–Reducing Carbon Footprints

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Many challenges in July–continuing into August. Yet here we are with a good news post. A reference to the source of this post is included in a feature on the world’s climate crisis in the delayed first edition of the Eagle Peak Annual. (Formerly a Quarterly)

The point for this inclusion is the fact that even developing countries can aid in battling the climate crisis. That’s even as they wish for more modern amenities.

Instead of trying to find or buy wood to burn–or using other fossil fuels, inexpensive solar cookers can be employed.

Solar Cookers International (SCI) helps lead global efforts to promote solar cooking. Solar cookers have no-emissions and use free solar energy accessible worldwide for cooking and water pasteurization. By spreading solar cooking knowledge and awareness through the Solar Cookers International Association and this website, SCI helps achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Here’s just one story from this site telling more about SCI:

NEW: June 2019: Solar Cookers International has recently brought life-saving solar cooking to more than 300 people in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Before you stepped in, women were often forced to sell their precious food rations for cooking fuel, putting their children at risk of malnutrition. If they dared to journey outside of the camp to collect firewood, they risked violence.

The image below is from the SCI site but is NOT from the Kakuma Refugee camp. Rather, it’s from a section on the why of solar cooking.

Image from https://www.solarcookers.org/why

4 thoughts on “#WATWB Solar Cooking–Reducing Carbon Footprints

  1. This really is a good solution, John. I was pleased to see that my own country of Australia has them as well. I hope they become more widespread in use, especially if they can help fees refugees. Thanks for sharing this for our WATWB.

    1. Thanks. They are spreading. I don’t have any myself, but I do have active and passive solar at my home. Also high-efficiency appliances, a mix of CFL and LED lights.

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