#WATWB October 2020–America Can Still Vote

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What? Of course Americans can vote!

Well, yes–but there is that pandemic. That justifiably worries many people about going to the polls, given the number of cases and deaths here in the US–more than anywhere else in the world!

Most states in the US have expanded the opportunities for both absentee ballots (that go by mail) and early voting (before the regular November 3rd date). That hasn’t gone too smoothly in many cases–due to those of one political perspective who don’t want voting to be easier or safer. They fear their candidate will lose if more people are able to vote.

Where’s the good news here?

People have not been deterred by the obstacles to voting–they have turned out in droves to vote early.

Younger people, with less risk of contracting the virus, have stepped up to work at polling sites. Sites that have typically been staffed by older, retired folks.

Most secretaries of state and local officials responsible for ensuring that voting goes well, have made an effort to see that it does. For those that have–rather than making it more difficult, deserve our gratitude.

Wait, there’s more people to thank. 

Typically, Americans (at least those who are interested) expect to hear predictions of the outcome the same night voting ends. This year, that may well not happen. The large number of mailed ballots will take time to count. Those tasked with that duty will deserve thanks–provided they do the job accurately and efficiently.

Finally, some countries around the world have very high participation in national elections. The US hasn’t generally been among them. That is already looking to be different this year. So, thanks go also to all those who have already voted or will in the next couple days–that is good news!


6 thoughts on “#WATWB October 2020–America Can Still Vote

  1. We’re on tenterhooks for the results John … I know it’s going to take time for the final votes and the electorate to be sorted. As you say, great effort has been put into voting/polling stations and record numbers have voted early. Nevertheless, it will be difficult I imagine to have no attachment to outcome. I leave for home tomorrow. It’s been a busy several days and I look forward to that link you sent me on my post the other day. Mmmm maybe I can read it on the drive back … one of my sons is coming with me, he can drive while I read…. now that’s a plan ..

  2. The world is waiting with bated breath. It’s quite evident Joe has the votes. The scary part is desperate mango on a hamster wheel petrified of his fate, will stoop at nothing to rig. I fear the crazies will be out in full force. Godspeed. Blue tsunami!

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