#WATWB for November 2020

We Are the World Blogfest

TWO items for this month’s We Are the World Blogfest.


First:  all those people who have volunteered for COVID vaccine trials!

Secondly, the folks at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. They came up with this overpass–for wildlife, to protect them and drivers on an interstate from deadly collisions. It’s working very well, considerably sooner than expected, to everyone’s surprised delight.

It went up in 2018. Here’s a recent video showing its use by the local animals. Can’t locate one that I can embed here, you will have to click the link to the CNN item–it’s just 46 seconds.



2 thoughts on “#WATWB for November 2020

  1. Good news on the vaccine front. Now if we can convince people to be responsible for a few more months before things get totally out of control.

    It’s good to see people use their ingenuity to come up with practical solutions in regard to animal safety. One of the ways they’ve addressed these issues in Alaska was to build lots of tall fences to prevent the animals from crossing the highways. That can get rather costly.

    1. Thanks, Pete. I am a pragmatist–take the cheap route of masks and no congregating saves lives. Alaska is a hard case for the wildlife but not so many roads. Boats and planes, right?

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