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A little early for We Are the World Blogfest but the story was on CNN yesterday

It started with a what a drive-thru customer observed a customer in front of her do. The driver threw his drink through the window at the server. Apparently, according to the story on CNN, the guy didn’t want ice in his drink.

Feroza Syed, the customer who observed the outrageously childish behavior of the person in front of her, found Bryanna (the server) soaked and crying. Bryanna was six months pregnant.

Syed gave her a $20 tip, expressed her outrage at the man’s behavior and offered to contact the police. Hours later — and still fuming — Syed posted about the incident earlier this month on her Facebook page and got a huge response.
That gave her an idea. She asked her thousands of Facebook friends and followers if they’d be interested in sending “$5 or (whatever)” to her Venmo or Cash App and she’d figure out a way to get the money to Bryanna.
Donations poured in.
“I used to work retail and this story has me shaking mad,” one woman replied on the post, after donating.
A few days after the incident, Bryanna said her manager told her the woman who witnessed the incident was trying to get in touch with her. They eventually connected.
“(Feroza) was like …’I have a surprise for you and I really want to give it to you in person’ so I sent her my address,” Bryanna told CNN, asking that her last name not be included. “She gave me the envelope and I couldn’t do nothing but cry because I wasn’t expecting that.”
Inside the envelope was $1,700 in donations from people who saw Bryanna’s story on Facebook and, as Syed said, wanted to “put a smile on her face and show her not all humans are horrible.”
“A large portion of the donations were $5, $10, $20 and that totaled up to a large sum of money,” Syed said.
The story continues on CNN. Go there for photos and more details.

5 thoughts on “Early #WATWB Heroes

  1. There are people being kind, loving, and courageous everyday. Heroes among us, John. I love this story and it give me hope for mankind despite that jerk. He must miserable because he has to live with himself. Thanks for sharing the smile. 😀

  2. There are so many awful stories about people like the ignorant ass in America. I can’t wait for Biden to begin cleaning up America. Good share. And you’re not late or early. There is no WATWB in Decembers. 🙂

  3. “Doing the right thing inspires others to do the right thing and what I keep learning again and again and again is when you see something like this or any situation where someone is being mistreated or harmed … all it takes is one person to change the narrative,” she said. (Syed).

    Thanks John, it’s a wonderful story! All good wishes to you and family for this rather strange Christmas. Stay well and safe.

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