A Poesy Post

Yes, “poesy” is an archaic term for poetry. Apropos of a writing prompt. A challenge to use some words from an “endangered” list of our own choosing. Not all the ones I came up with are necessarily that uncommon. But most are ones you won’t run across frequently. Here they are followed by the poetry.

  • Albeit
  • Virgule
  • Sophistry
  • Gelid
  • Fecundity
  • Peripatetic

Virgil Virgule had a slashing wit, albeit tendered gently to his friend Jane.

Weekend morns restore Jane’s body and soul.

Saturday at sunrise, a lakeside cedar sauna empties pores;

Promptly plunging into gelid waters slams them shut.

Finland fecundity on his mind, she’s not so sure.

He sees peripatetic pines seeking sweet solace,

Among aspen placid in wintry white year round.

Fulminating on the sophistry of Rehnquist opinions so long ago

Flights of fancy—future fun; satire is dead in a world of alternative facts.


NOTE 1: Virgule is the real name of a forward slash. Trees aren’t known to walk far, if at all. But this is poetry.

NOTE 2: There STILL is a book coming this spring. It IS late. We hope you will see it in time for summer reading. What? As if you might be going to the beach or some other destination! Where you might read it—enroute. Stay tuned; advance notice will be posted when it is forthcoming. You could still read it at home, couldn’t you?

6 thoughts on “A Poesy Post

  1. The only one on your list that I’m familiar with is albeit, although I can figure out some of the others by context. Good luck with your upcoming release, John. May it come sooner than later.

    1. Wow! You’re quick, Pete! Well, I hope that your familiarity with just albeit confirms my choices. Glad you stopped by. I’ll get a review of Pines, the first book in Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines trilogy up on my Views blog shortly. It’s on Goodreads now. Just started Walter Isaacson’s newest book, The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race.

  2. Virgule – who would have known? Thanks John I’m familiar with the others – a fine fettle of using peripatetic for pines but as you say it’s poetry after all … 🙂

  3. How fun and creative was your endeavor into poetry! The only word on your listI recognized, and also sometimes use is albeit. 🙂 Yay for you on the new release! 🙂

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