Another Heroic Rescue Dog for WATWB

We Are the World Blogfest

The last Friday of each month, a bunch of bloggers post good news happening somewhere in the world. It’s called the We Are the World Blogfest. This time it’s about a dog who ran in front of a delivery truck (and successfully stopped it) when her person suffered a seizure. There’s not much more to say about that. The video explains it much better, with visual and audio. Unfortunately, we can’t just copy and share that.

Here’s what the caption says beside the video:

Dog stops traffic to save owner having a seizure

A dog named Clover stepped in front of an oncoming truck after its owner began having a seizure while they were on a walk in an Ottawa, Canada, neighborhood. It’s from CTV via CNN.

Just click on the link to watch this relatively short video.


9 thoughts on “Another Heroic Rescue Dog for WATWB

  1. this is so amazing John … what an extraordinary dog – lovely name too Clover, which contains the word lover and love – from one to the other, dog to human in this instance. We as humans can learn much from this. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Even without being trained to be so, dogs seem so helpfully protective and grateful to those who take them in. My dog always comes to thank me for the food I give him.

  2. I’m just going through mall and I note my comment didn’t appear John .. so if this is a duplicate I apologise. The Clover dog story is an amazing one – such love between human and animal. Thank you for sharing this with us …

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