Nine More Books Coming from John Maberry from 2019-2031

2019—a fresh start on writing

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2018 was a slow year for me as far as writing books goes–little progress on a single one. Not an excuse, but the fact is, there were some health issues in 2018. So, I’m stepping on the gas for 2019. Not only the New Year but the next one and well beyond.

Several years ago, I determined I’d publish ten more books after Waiting for Westmorelanda memoir chronicling the path from Vietnam to enlightenment. I won’t count a Tenth Anniversary Edition of that book which came out with modest changes in 2017.

The Fountain does counta collection of seven short stories of fantasy and sci-fi which also arrived on Kindle in 2017.

In time for the 2019 holidays, I will put out a new assortment of fifteen stories—double the word count of The Fountain! You’ll find some tasty tidbits of micro and flash fiction along with many traditional short pieces running three to seven thousand words. Many of these items began as snippets posted right here on John Maberry’s Writing.

What will you find in this as yet unnamed collection? Here’s a sample: 

  • The Grelm—recounting the effects of climate change on an alien that takes root on America’s coastal wetlands.
  • Precog Prez—you can guess what this about; it’s a somewhat longer story
  • The Dog Star—a bit of whimsy
  • Jacob’s Designer Gene—what happens when gene mod goes awry, and the biotech company has folded?
  • The Wishing Bell—Remember the Monkey’s Paw? This is a variation, sort of
  • The Jumping Cholla—They’re all around us in New Mexico, but not like this one
  • The Time of Your Life—A company promises it can create a VR recording of your life (edited excerpts) from interviews and a memory scan—what could go wrong?
  • Dog is My Copilot—werewolves at play–some who might have a conscience
  • Plus, an updated extended sample of The Vacation, a sci-fi novel is about rich kids from another planet getting their kicks on Earth at the expense of the locals. Yes, it’s the much delayed book that opens with Sam Andrew’s amnesia of being fired for unseemly conduct and how he discovers how and why it happened.

Speaking of The Vacation–the novel will be released in late fall, 2020-come you know what or high water.

Now for the big plansseven more books that will meet my goal of ten books after Waiting for Westmoreland:

  • I will start writing a sci-fi trilogy in 2021—with the books out in 2024, 2025 and 2026
  • In the meantime, a third short-story collection arrives in 2022with a novella anchor
  • The sequel to Waiting for Westmoreland will be out in 2027–paper and digital
  • 2029 will feature a mystery double novellatwo stories in one book
  • Finally, way out in 2031, comes a big novel, time travel–my way. Get just a hint of it from this brief snippet, but expect much more. I’ll need the time to get this one done

Ambitious? Bold? Yes, but not foolhardy. You should have seen the first cut, 15 books—one a year and more. My wife brought me to my senses. We want to have a life—including travel and other pursuits in our senior years 😊.

Can I do it?  Yes, you’ll have to see my other blog to believe it. That’s where I’ll tell you all about how my determinations come through once I both make them and take them seriously as a Nichiren Buddhist.

I WILL be posting periodic updates here, so you can track my progress. 😊

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